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Shenzhen Legend Beauty Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.. (Legend Beauty Equipment (HK) Co., Ltd.) was established in 2005, is a professional cosmetology equipment,medical health and beauty, leisure and health care equipment product development, production and sales, the industry as one of the high-tech training enterprises. The company has advanced mechanical andelectrical synthesis technology and research team, established a leading electronics laboratory and quality control inspection system,since its introduction, the product with its fashionable and unique, exquisite workmanship,performace,stability and well received by customers. The factory is domestic and foreign merchants preferred professional beauty body equipment production base.Over the years,the company adhere to market-oriented philosophy, opening up the international "OEM/ODM" processing business,many large enterprises at home and abroad tailored to their own brand,and its superior performance and reasonable price,professional guidance and quality service to receive praise from our customers at home and abroad, and achieved a good reputation and credibility. Products sell well all over the country and the Middle East, Southeast Asia,Europe,North America and other places.In the next operation, the Legend's development objectives are : To continue to promote enterprise, in a word fight for No.1 in the beauty and care domain and build the famous brand all of the word.



Contact: Mike Cao

Phone: + 86 15361850576

E-mail: info@wwlegeendbeauty.com

Add: 3 floor, Building 5, Hubei Baofeng Industrial Zone, Xianshuijing, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

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