Titanium derma roller 4in1 Kit with detachable needle head for face body and eyes

Brand Name: DRS
Model Number: 4 in 1
needle material: titanium alloy or stainless steel
roller color: red
handle material: medical pc
handle color: white
needle length(mm): 0.2 0.25 0.3 0.5 0.75 etc.
needles number: 300 pins+720 pins+1200 pins
pinpoint: thin
package size: 175mm*103mm*43mm
packing: regular or OEM
function: 4 in 1 dermaroller for skin care

Microneedle roller therapy uses many tiny needles on the microneedle roller to stimulate the skin. In a very short time, the microneedle can make more than 200000 micro channels to make the active ingredients effectively penetrate into the skin, coupled with special products such as wrinkle removal, whitening, repair and scar removal, so as to lighten wrinkles, treat scars and stretch marks, whiten skin, lighten color spots and improve eye wrinkles




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